Ode to a Mummer

Why mosaic a shoe? Why not!?!?

Shoes are such personal statements. More than any other article of clothing, shoes reflect our interests, our identification, our occupation, and our place in the community.

Shoes can remind us of special occasions or certain times in life – a wedding, a dance recital, even a new baby. This mosaic shoe is inspired by the annual parade of wildly costumes musicians and performers that fill the streets of Philadelphia every New Years Day for the traditional Mummer’s Parade. Fittingly, the theme song of the Mummers is a tune called “Oh, Dem Golden Slippers”.

Turning a real shoe into a piece of art is a wonderful way to preserve memories. I recently taught an on-line class on this process and all the participants found their creativity level expanded by the process. I look forward to teaching this class again and give others the joy of turning their memories into beautiful keepsakes.

For information on my upcoming mosaic classes or to purchase this, or other art shown on this website, please contact me at KairosArtsNJ@gmail.com

Price – $500.00

2 thoughts on “Ode to a Mummer

  1. If I were only independently wealthy, I would order enough shoes for my own New Year’s Day parade.Once again a work of extraordinary beauty and talent. Thank you.

    Common sense is that which tells us the world is flat. economist Stuart Chase

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